Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scrapbook Tour

Tomorrow is a big day!. Patty, Sally, Erick, & I are doing a scrapbook hop! We are leaving early in the morning and traveling to Scrapbook Sisters in Stillwater, Just 4 Keeps in Edmond, Paper Crown in OKC, Scrapbooks from the Heart in Moore, And Bear Makes 3 in Moore, Scrapbook Alley in Harrah, and finally ending back at Dreams and Memories in Sand Springs to crop all the new goodies we've collected! I hope we have the stamina to drive home!
We also are going to eat at Tobie Keith's I love this Bar in Bricktown. I love their peach & jalapeno jam served on hot cornbread muffins! Patty and Sally have never been, so I know they are in for quite a treat!
I'll keep you posted on how it went. The plan is to schedule one again this summer and possibly end it up with a retreat. Keep you informed.
I'm still working on the tax thing, but the store stays very busy. We've had crops and classes continuously. And I'm working on some special things for summer. Trying to break the boredom!
Talk to you on Saturday

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  1. Thanks Pam for taking us on this great adventure!! I had so much fun and was so worn out when we finally arrived at the store! It was nearly 10 pm when we got back to the store!

    This would be a great way to start a retreat, but not so many stores! We have to have the energy to get our stuff from the car so we can sleep or scrap!!

    Thanks again, I had a great time.



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