Thursday, June 05, 2008

Store update

The painting on the store is coming along...slowly. The walls were FILTHY and I had to wash them..too time consuming. But they are clean and the work is begun.
I'm keeping the walls my signature green...this one is a little toned down...and pairing it with a chocolate brown & soft pink. It is very striking.
Patty reminded me that you don't have an address for the new place (she's such a detail person) yesterday I had to look it up.. it is 3417 S. 113th W Ave. 1-A.
I've listed some upcoming classes & events for the following months. I'm looking to really "beef up" my class schedule. It seems that is what so many of you like to do, so I'm gonna do it. And I'm adding a beginning stamping class in July for those who want to start "really" stamping. (I love to use them on my layouts)
So, hopefully this weekend (I'm having a scrap retreat at my house for 5 ladies) I'll have the paint washed off my hands and be able to show you the mini pages I'm making for baby Ethan's photo book. (You heard me...not a scrapbook album..) I'm looking forward to hosting the girls and getting to scrap.
Gotta run
Pammie Kay

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