Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Love Fall

Okay, not that September is fall, but have you stepped outside lately? Everything just feels and smells clean, fresh. Awwww, in love with life.
I'm greatly enjoying having Slick (my daughter) and the baby with us. She makes me laugh sooo much. Her dad is loving it too. Last night, we just watched tv and talked about nothing. I have missed those days. (For new readers, my daughter has been gone in the Navy for 5 years and has just returned home. She and baby will live with us for a year while her hubby is stationed in Bahran)
And I got to scrapbook the last couple of days, in between customers. I'm working up the "Great Flood of 86" pictures. They aren't pretty pics, but it gives me an opportunity to really dig in and journal. Those were some really emotional times, and I have lots to say. My kids can read it later in life, and know about another time in their lives.
Isn't that what scrapbooking is about? Leaving part of you on paper...preserving your memories for future generation. I'm so blessed to have had a Grandma who told me sooo much about my past.
If you have a Grandma still alive, call her today and ask about her story.

Keep Dreamin

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