Monday, October 20, 2008

new products

Hey dreamers!

I went on a church retreat this weekend, and you can't imagine how renewed I feel! I love being able to slow down and listen to what God has to say to me. I was really blessed. Hope you all get to experience His love this week.

Because of my birthday last week, the church retreat, & my son's housewarming party, the store was closed last week for too many days. But..I'm open this week and have NEW PRODUCTS for you to see. And classes also. I'd love to meet some of my new followers.

Just about 2 more weeks and the Slice Die Cutter from Making Memories will be released! They are small, portable, run on batteries (no more having to get a table by a plug-in at crop!), and are affordable! Jump over to the Making Memories Site and watch a video of them. They are THE must have this holiday season! I've pre-ordered 4 of them, so if you want to be one of the first to play with this new toy..a deposit of half down will save you one.

I've got to work on my bores even me! Wish I was more of a techy...this is my punishment for making fun of nerds in high school! so 3 days later I will have a new front page...but that's just if I'm lucky!
Keep Dreamin

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