Monday, April 27, 2009

Ok, I'm not one to whine (wait! yes I am!), but enough of this moving! I don't want to unpack anymore.

On Saturday I went to a great all day crop. It was at Crops, Paper, Scissors & More in Plainfield, IL. The owners there couldn't be any nicer. Their "specialty" is making lazer cut items. I was working on a layout for Erick's graduation, and Debbie cut out the white letters & words for me. (I can show it cause I know he doesn't follow my blog)I

It's hard to see, but in the lower right corner, under the silver Embossed "What Next?" I put an arrow on a spring, with the rub -on "Dream Big" on it. The paper & pop-up were from the Paper Company. Why 2 different schools? Why don't the pages match? Ok, Erick is graduating from OSU (Oklahoma State) with his Masters. Then in the fall he is going to OU School of Law, to hopefully finish up his schooling (something tells me he won't be happy till he has his Doctorate!). We are very proud. Since he does crop with us, he can add a picture & stick it in his album.
I did another layout also, but I'll save that to publish tomorrow. Hope you Dreamers are cropping, cause I'm not seeing any layouts posted on the DreamTalkin' forum. Get out that paper and adhesive....and Keep Dreamin'

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  1. Even if it is an OSU layout and it is for Erich, it is very awesome. I love it!

    I am missing my scrapbook time! My thumb still hurts and is still swollen.

    Off to a dog show this weekend in Missouri! Wish I could scrapbook! Heck, I can barely type!


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