Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All About ME!

My layout today, doesn't really have any oohh's & aahh's about it, I just wanted to share it. A few years ago, at the store, I had monthly challenges that were an attempt to get my girls to crop about themselves. Really dive deep into what matters in their lives...favorites, I love, etc. I didn't let them cop out by using their family, cause then they were still "just scrapbooking". It was hard, and I only had a few takers.
I've picked up the challenge in Monday's Memories in our chat room. The first one is simply 'School Days" Here is my submission for this...
In another scrapbook forum, one of our challenges was to do a layout with ALL 26! Alphabets. I had this paper that just screamed "USE ME!!!" So I was able to kill 2 challenges with one stone. This is my first grade picture, the only one I ever liked.

Personal books are all about the journaling (at least mine is). I wanted my grands to know how much I loved school. The journal block is actually a pocket, that I inserted my "1st day of 1st grade" writing page. My mom had kept it all these years (gotta love us sentimental types..)

To keep it from being too boring, I popped up some hand-cut photo corners.

The real reality of this layout is I cut it in half! Yes, in half. I have a 6x12 album that a vender gave me, and I am using it for the all about me items. It's a great book, but I don't know if I can get refills for it.
So, there you have it! Not much on technique, but hopefully I can inspire you to start your own album. Be selfish, make it all about you. Cause, let's face are the only one who knows how you felt on those magical days.
Don't lose your memories...and keep Dreamin'!

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