Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feeling Creative

Hi all you Dreamers.  It is cold (18) and windy here in the burbs.  So instead of curling up in a blanket (Lisa gave me a wonderful one for Christmas) I decided to do some creating.   So it was my turn to do a tutorial in the forum at Creative Scrapbooking Divas, and I was uncertain of what to do.  I had several ideas, but I always assume that they are not good enough, not fancy enough, not creative enough!  So my indecision left with in a crunch this morning, and I always work better under pressure!   So I pulled out yet another flower technique.  I was so impressed, that I am now working on a frame for baby Evelyn (my granddaughter who will be born in mid-February).      
I like the way it turned out.  If you would like to know how to make one, it is on the front page of Creative Scrapbooking Divas.  While you are there, look around and join in.  It is a great forum, with a wonderful Design Team. I should know, I am one of them.

Thanks for all the comments.  It is easier to be motivated when people notice!  Tomorrow I will be sharing some of the layouts sent in from the Blog Hop and from the Winter Challenge.  And, did you know that the Blog Hop has been extended to the end of the month?  Yep.  So for you new gals, start here and play along with us.  We have some great prizes and some good challenges.  That's all for today, but I'm Dreamin' of tomorrow's entry.  You keep Dreamin' too.

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