Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Sunday Special

Ok girls, I never blog on a Sunday, cause it is my church day.  I actually wrote it yesterday and scheduled it to show up today, isn't technology grand!?? 
Why all the hoop-la?

well, you know that I am on the Design Team over at Creative Scrapbooking Divas, right?  We just held a wonderfully successful Blog Hop for the design team, but thought "hmmm, we should get our members involved so we can see their talents"  So we are holding a blog hop for our members!  
And what a great time to get ideas for your love bugs than now!  Start your projects, cards, or layouts now to have them ready to post on the 7th of February.  Ah, but the secret is that your cards are already done for Valentine's Day and you don't have to stress to get one made on February 13.  I know how we all are, I am Leader of that club! 
So let's break the cycle of procrastination HERE and NOW!

That's just silly talk..most everyone else does.  You are missing out!  But I have good news!  You can go join today and still have an opportunity to be in the Blog Hop.  Yes, you read that right!  So get over there now and register to be a member.  We have great challenges, games, tips, resources, inspiration, and fun all in one great room.  You say you belong to  forum already...not a problem...I belong to 4 or 5 that I participate in.  You can combine challenges from 2 groups, make one layout and get twice the kudos from your peers.  It's's's's FUN! 

So come join clicking here

I'm Dreamin' of a great Blog keep Dreamin' too!


  1. Can't wait to see all the CSDivas members creations...
    Love your blog background...

  2. Hi, not sure if I'll make this one. I just did two other bloghops. I love the snowflake on your post below. It's the prettiest snowflake embellishment I've seen. Lisa


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