Friday, February 11, 2011

Things I love...

And the hop goes on!  I won't be able to do much more participating, though I am "pre-writing" a couple of blogs to hop in while I am gone.  Where? I thought you'd never ask!   

Sorry for the yelling, but I am excited!  I have 3  adorable  grandsons who have brightened my life up so much!  Picture taking is a challenge, lol.  this is the last time we were all 3 together, the baby wasn't even 2 and know he is 3 1/2!  His mommy is having baby Evelyn next Wednesday.  We fly out Saturday and I will be there the next 2 weeks, with much more to think of than scrapbooking! 
Ok, I have to admit that my mind has not been working well lately.  I have a book (journal that I keep a list of all the challenges I want to participate in, etc.  Just a crafty list, no house chores. So, yesterday, when hopping through the blogs again, I swear that I saw someone post to do a layout about something you love.  Not necessarily a Valentine layout though.  I 'hopped' right to it, with a fun idea.  And now, I can't figure out where to post it!  So if this was your challenge, leave me a comment and I will post it!!
   So I have this rubber Duck named Eugene, who I have had since my 16th birthday.  It's a long story for another day, but he goes with me now on trips.  I take his picture with lots of people and in different situations!  (It started because my DH hates him, and now I just do it to annoy him!)   So I made a page about him to go into his album.  The companion page will  be posted later. 
I used the Harry Potter paper, slitting the top of the scroll and star.  I love to slip the pictures under the actual paper!  Other than some inking, this is a basic layout.  I used some old Heidi Swap rub-ons and kraft paper for matting. The color block in the center top is cut from the flip side of this paper.  This is a great example of letting your paper work for you. 
Thanks for stopping by today.  If off to Dream about a keep dreamin' too!


  1. Pam, what a pretty story you are sharing. Love your layout and inspiration. I have a "My little Pony that grandma bought for me at a thrift store when I was around 19yo. Everybody was surprised that she gave me this present at that age, but I was so "touched" by this action. I knew in her mind/heart am still her little girl... 3-4 years ago she bought me a Minnie Mouse for my BD! I really love your story...
    I did not named my "little pony" or my "minnie mouse" I think I should do it... Thanks for the inspiration and for bringing me such good memoirs with my grammy!

    Ann is the one who posted the challenge to do a layout with 4 or more photos of how & why I love life! Your layout fits perfectly...

  2. I love the layout and can not wait to see the other page. Even though I know the story it still puts a smile on my face!

    Have safe travels! Your friend!

  3. Love this and congratulations! Great idea taking pictures, great story!

  4. Congrats on having a granddaughter! Have fun, Pam, and take lots of pictures. The story of Eugene is cute! What a wonderful story for future generations. As far as the LOVE layout--was it pumpkinspice that posted it? It sounds familiar to me to.

  5. wow congrats!!! and i loveee layout is awesome!


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