Monday, May 02, 2011

Glad April is over!

Let me start by saying, I can't believe I haven't blogged in a month!  WOW!  But I basically haven't scrapped in a month and that is even more sad...or amazing.  April has been a tough month and I for one am ready to put it behind me.  I blew out my knee (having meniscus surgery in mid May) and had a large skin cancer removed. It was benign but took a BIG chunk out of my upper arm.  It is healing nicely and will be hidden by short sleeves!  So, I am pretty much over doctors....   I know I will get some scrap time in after my surgery, because I can't drive for quite awhile.  I drive a 5 speed and I'm afraid of how much pain the clutch is going to cause!
   Enough whining!  I have gotten some items finished.  If you are from Creative Scrapbooking have already seen these.  But not all of you are members there (WHY NOT?!?), so I am repeating them!  I finally finished this project!  I started it about 3 years ago, put it away and you know what happens when a project is no longer on your work just doesn't exist!  So I pulled it out to show it as an example in my BOM/Mini Album Group at CSDivas.
It is a kit that I bought from Daisy D's (how long have they been outta business?) and I was going to do a class with it! Again, I said it went into the black hole that is unfinished projects!! The album itself sits on the outside of what is basically a cardboard pencil box. I didn't use my original, but a copy that I mirror imaged to fit the layout correctly.

  I began with copies of old pictures of myself as a little girl.  There aren't too many of them, as we really
couldn't afford to have pictures developed.
  I stamped the word Playtime of tiny little tags and attached them with brads!

I used the next 2 pages for other "treasures" in my life.  My brothers were my constant companions and there are very few things I would change about our childhood!  The ribbon was the biggest pain! I punched 4 holes in the green piece of card stock, then poked the ribbon in the holes, taping it down on the back to secure it.  I could never get it the same length on the outside edges, but gave up.  It is good enough for me!

 The second page is for Eugene. I typed his story on the red journal block, but you can't read it and has to be redone.  Then a picture of Eugene will go on it
No early childhood would be complete without horrid school photos!  I copied my handwriting and my moms writing from the back of the pictures to preserve it. And no, again I didn't use originals because this box will be handled alot and I didn't want them destroyed.  They will go into an album, where they can be protected from dirty fingers!

The inside of the box...yes it is empty....I am putting my childhood treasures in there.  I didn't want to show your for fear you would break into my house and steal my plastic farm animals or my charm bracelet or....I can't tell's a secret!
I'm off to fill my box with my childhood dreams....
fill something with your dreams today!

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  1. No wonder you're glad April is over...I hope your surgery goes well and glad the cancer was benign! I love your BOM!
    Alison xx


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