Saturday, June 04, 2011

So Behind!

I bet you think that since I have not been posting anything lately that I have not been creating?  You would be wrong!  I have gotten quite a few things finished and I want to share a new one with you.
   I have to give you a little back story on these pictures.  They are of my son Patrick when he was 2.  He was "all boy" from birth.
  • starting walking a 8 months
  • had his first stitches at 18 mos  (a total of 22 ER visits before he was 10!)
  • fell 30+ feet from a tree
  • has close personal friends now who work in ER (yes, he still goes on a regular basis! Even at 32!)
  So this particular day, I was in the garden planting flowers and had my back turned. SHAME ON ME!  I found him carefully stacking daddy's charcoal for him.  He was covered from head to foot, but so proud of himself for helping ! 
So I made the decision to stay with the dirty theme.  I took a piece of putty grey card stock, ripped it down so that beautiful star paper would show, inked and distressed the edges.  Still too clean, so armed with a finger dabber and Black Soot Distress Ink I made smudge marks ALL OVER the paper! 
   I used Echo Park's Little Boy paper kit exclusively for this layout.  I love the colors and the stickers are awesome.  (same pack I used for the twins' page a few days ago).  I like that it is little boy paper, but not baby. 
Other things I added were the star bling and some twine.  The stars I have had since we made cards for soldiers in Desert Storm!  Yes, I have a throwing away problem.  But I knew one day I would use them and I have! I backed the car sticker on card stock and mounted it on popdots.  It has nothing to do with dirty boys and everything to do with boys.  I love the picture cause it shows his neat little stack of charcoal.  You can see the satisfaction in his face!
This last photo shows not only him smelling my marigolds....or the dirt from head to foot....but my banners up close!  I just took snippets of different paper in the pack, snipped the ends like ribbon, and glued the top around the twine.  I cut some stars out of background paper (yes, now you know how cheap I am...if I am covering a background with card stock, I cut the center out of the pattern paper, leaving only a frame!  I've told you I waste nothing!), and attached the twine to them.  I didn't want my banners to fly away so they needed to be grounded. And it ties in the stars from the border.  The tiny alphabets came with the packet, so the colors matched perfectly!  LOVE ECHO PARK!!!
Well, going to get my Saturday going.  Don't forget that I have a little blog candy going on Thursday's here and it will take you to it.All you have to do is leave a comment.  You can comment on all my pages if you want to...I love the feedback.  Don't be afraid to tell me if you would do something different on the layout.  That's how we learn from sharing different points of view!   I hope you enjoy my blog, when I get around to doing it!  I fully enjoy writing.

For now, I'm dreamin' about my sweet little boy who has grown into a good man...
You keep Dreamin' too

Pammie Kay

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