Wednesday, January 02, 2013


A whole year has gone by since I last blogged?  I miss my on-line friends so much.  And I have decided that I enjoy blogging more than the stuff that I've been doing instead!
   That's not completely true....I am running the scrapbook store again, hanging out with my grandsons, enjoying living back in Oklahoma.  Yes I do enjoy that.  We are slowing taking back our house after letting our 30+ son live in it for 3 years...but many things are still in boxes.  Mostly my scrapbook  stuff is still in boxes.  Soon that will all change!
     I don't have a lot to share other than hello my friends.  I know I will have to work hard to get a following back. Sounds like a challenge to get creative!  Challenge accepted.
  This is also going to be the blog that I send my customers at the store to.  So from time to time you will get an insight to what's going on at The Paper Crafts Store.  And I wilt l be looking for a design team, to help with store things.  I know how creative you ladies are...and I don't care if you are local or not.  It is talent I will be looking at.
    So Dreamers, it is good to be talking to you all again.  I am going to go do something until later..
     Keep Dreamin'

Pammie Kay

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