Saturday, August 03, 2013

Just an update on Genevieve

  In Oklahoma, this is tax free weekend...a sign that school is about to begin.  I remember when I was a kid that "back to school" seemed like a death sentence!  No more bike riding, the fish in the pond would have to wait till weekends as would camping at Lake Keystone.  Summer was such a magical time when you lived in a town that time forgot.
   So because of tax free weekend, all my customers were out spending their money on shoes, jeans and the perfect shirt for the first day of school.  And I was a little bored!  (until crop time, and we had a great time) I took time to continue getting Genevieve ready for retreat.  She is gorgeous!

 She inspired me to finish the window in pink style, with a "sheet" of pink lace, a pink flower bucket filled with pink & white daisies, and (though it doesn't show well in the picture) spirals of pink curling ribbon!  It is dreamy.  All it lacks is the sign about the retreat, that will not be back from the printer till Tuesday.  Overall, I am very pleased.  Hopefully it will draw attention to the store.

Time to get around and go to the store. Saturday's at the store are dedicated to me - - I am going to work on some of my own pictures.  It seems that I don't have time to create on my own, now that I am back at the store.  I have to get back into blog hops and challenges.  I miss my blog world friends. 
   But until then, I'll keep Dreamin' about the retreat and 20 more people registering!

You keep Dreamin' too.

Pammie Kay

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