Sunday, December 08, 2013

Snow makes the best decorations!

I have never liked snow. 1--it's cold! 2--it's wet & cold! 3--still cold!  Growing up in the panhandle of Texas, we had our fair share of snow. Mom would bundle us up and throw us out the door. The boys would dig tunnels and make forts for their day-long snow ball fights. I would walk around a bit and be ready to go in. But mom wouldn't let me...I needed to play with the brothers. So I remember sitting on the porch, crying. Making my own icicles--which made me colder!
  Today, I am still cold all the time. Even in summer!  But I have fallen in love with snow...but only looking at it through my double-paned windows. I donned my heavy clothes and journeyed out to take a few pictures of the snow. (my scrap tools are mostly at the store, so no creating over this long weekend)

 We have 4 artificial trees on our porch, 2 large one and 2 on either side of the door. The snow on the branches is a great touch. I couldn't have done it better.  And here at The Funk's Botanical Garden we have constant updates on the pool.  So who could resist a picture of the snow drifts on the edge of the pool and the ladder? (The water is now a nice thin coat of we never long enough freezes  ice skate!)
  Hope you enjoyed the winter wonderland.
But for me, I'm Dream' of warm weather and keep Dreamin' too.

Pammie Kay

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