Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm gonna try this again!

Oh! How I have missed blogging!  I remember the quiet days in Bolingbrook....take a walk with the dog, create something in my studio, blog about it.  (deep sigh)  Those were the days!
    Now I get up, check email, pay bills,feed the dog (he's getting fat from lack of walks), shower, rush to store, rearrange product, help customers, visit with my new "neighbors", order products, make a display, price and put orders away........WAIT!!!


   My husband will tell you that there is nothing worse to live with than an over scheduled artist!  He is so right.  It has been 2 years since we moved back to Oklahoma and I still don't have my studio space set up. Boxes and other stuff all over it.  That is on my spring to-do list...I'll keep you informed.

Enough nagging for one post!  
Our new products are starting to flow, no flood in. Last week, I had orders arrive on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday!  And yesterday I had 2 come in!!!  So just pictures today, and I will let you know what we are planning for you all in another post.  (Or you can check us out on our Facebook Page)  

Here we go!!


We have WOW Embossing Powder. I ordered the new colors and the "best sellers".  Drop by next week to do a make-take using the Melt It Powder. 

 Copic Markers!

What can I say?  It's Copic!  We got an initial order of 36 markers and their refills.  Watch for classes and a special ordering event (with savings!) coming in May.  Eugene was very well behaved and got to pose with teacher, Lori at the Collin's Group Spring Trade Show in Framingham, MA last month.  Everyone loves Eugene!

My Favorite Things (MFT)

I got to be some of the first to see the new Hybrid Ink from MFT.  The colors are amazing and these pigment based inks dry like dye inks and are permanent on paper surfaces. They are acid-free, archival, and fade resistant. Inks can be heat set on glass, fabric, wood, plastic, metal, and clay. As these inks are fast drying and  waterproof, they cannot be embossed with embossing powder.(that is the description from their page....but I will tell you that they stamp crisp and clear.  And using the Copics on them are amazing!    We also grabbed the stamp and die featured above.  I have Super Hero Paper that it will match wonderfully!

There's more that came in...Girlfriend stamps from Art Impression, Tim Holtz Mini Stamp pads, Beginner Quilling Kits, some quilling kits, and some basics.  

Come to the store and see how much we have grown!  I am Dreamin' of keep Dreamin' too.

Pammie Kay


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