Friday, November 11, 2016

I am the worst blogger in the history of bloggers!  Just saying. But this election has given me a reason to spend more time on my creativity. Life has been crazy to say the least. So I am jumping in with both feet. I am starting to teach some classes at a local place and then...who knows?
       The first project I am working on will be with KaiserCraft's "Christmas Wishes". It is the softest of pastels. It warms me quite a bit. I think i will design about 6 cards for the first class.

I no longer have a wholesale account, so i have to rely on my lss for products, and those were limited. Guess i will have to dig into my stash of ribbons and flowers to embellish.
   I guess i must be excited about beginning, because it is 2:36 a.m. and I am still up dreaming of the future.  Nite all......keep dreamin'.  

Pammie Kay

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