Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Figuring out Blogger~!

 I know that is a silly title. But I see so many people with fabulous blogs and want to make mine as aesthetically pleasing as possible. At least for myself, as it seems no one reads it but me. if you read with me, every once in a while, just drop me a note. 

     So I want to be able to post a picture and have my words surround it. Like I can with my newsletter. And I thought of just making an email and doing copy/paste into here. It may come down to that. When I get obsessed with something I won't quit till I figure it out. Google tells me that I can just type and then insert my picture into the words. So let't see...

   If you know me, you know that my passion when I am not stamping is gardening. I have a space to the south of our pool that years ago I had fenced off, so the dog wouldn't get in and dig my pretties. It was a short wood fence made from limbs of a maple tree. That tree had to go, as it was close to the pool decking. And maple roots are evil and invasive.

So, Steve, my hubby, dug up another space in my garden. In the fall I plan to transplant some lilies into it. But for now,

it is the home of beets, radishes, spinach and lettuce! You can't tell from picture, but everything has sprouted! 
   And my experiment with the pictures worked! Now to figure out how to make them small thumbnails. Or square.  Thanks for putting up with me. Now I am going to go make a card for my upcoming September on-line class.  Hope you join me.

I'm Dreamin' of a stamp filled fall....
you keep Dreamin' too!

Pammie Kay

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  1. Pretty cool! I love that you are growing radishes for me, I do love them! Can't wait to see what's coming up in September.


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