Sunday, August 09, 2020

What a week!

 What a week that I don't want to do again!  Sunday my Aunt Barbara passed away. She had been sick for several years. Heart, kidneys...seemed it never would end for her. Now her pain is over. She was my mamma's baby sister, just the 2 girls with 4 brothers. She always had Jesus in her life, being a great (and sometimes annoying) disciple.  Loved her so much.

    Then on Tuesday a man that I have known since my middle son was in kindergarten, passed away of Covid-19 complications. He was a mirror of God's Grace and always had a smile. Oh, that smile! 

   And then yesterday, a friend that I had never met, was killed in a head on car accident. Her injuries were just too much for her to overcome. You, my blogging family, know all about our on-line friends. We met in a Facebook group and I loved her style. So we talked and she was one of the few that I have let onto my personal page! (yes, I have a Facebook page just for online friends!) 2 years we have shared stamping, canning food, gardening and some political differences of opinions! She will be missed in my daily post feed.

   I am not looking for pity or meaning to bring you down. But life, real life off of the blogging world, is not all cute cards or perfect gardens. Life is hard. Life is not fair. Life is not for the weak.  But luckily for me, I can say I did life with these 3 people from such different parts of my life. They never knew each other, but all were so important in my journey. I will take pieces of them in my daily walk, I am sure, without even thinking about it. Lots of good to be cherished about all. 

   I am Dreamin' about seeing my friends again in keep Dreamin' too!

Pammie Kay

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