Thursday, January 12, 2023

Seaside Bay part 2

 Welcome back Dreamers. I apologize for the earlier post. It was not my finest work! I have had quite a bit of motivation problems. See, the big freeze we had, froze the drain pipes upstairs and the cracked. Directly above my Home Studio!  So I am in the process of packing the room up so we can get to the pipes. And then replacing the ceiling! While it is all out, I am going to have the carpet pulled out and new flooring put in. 

   But I am also taking this as a sign of "it's time to purge" items that are not Stampin' Up!. Because the reality is, I have rarely bought anything that wasn't SU since I started selling 5 years ago. I have bought a couple of G45 kits from my friend at The Button Farm in Tahlequah. My guilty pleasure! 

   I was happy to finally get down to some stamping and creating. I had just put it off until this morning. The card wasn't a rush job, but the blog was! So here is what I really wanted to post.

   I am hopping with the Crafty Collaborations today  This group is made up of Stampin' Up! Demonstrators from around the world We all have different skills and styles. The thing we do have in common is our love of SU and the fabulous products that we get to work with. 

 Our theme for this hop is GRATITUDE. I have come to have a clearer meaning of this word since by stroke and surgery in October.

  •  Grateful for the nurses at the Neurology center at Hilcrest Hospital. Their kindness and care was over the top.  
  • Grateful for doctors that were put in my  path When you come to the hospital through the ER, they assign you a doctor. I had the best Tulsa had to offer, the head of the Neurology floor and the head of the Oklahoma Heart Hospital.  I know God had a lot to do with that! 
  • Grateful for family that gathered round. Just having them with me meant so much. My son Patrick who put off his hunting trip by a day to see me in ICU. My son Michael brought me a great quiche. Daughter Tami who brought the grands up and then brought Evelyn up so she could see Grandma was ok. My nephew Byron who came to stay at day with us. What smiles and laughs we had that day!  Laurie who sat with me in the ER and every day I was there.  Patty, who hates hospitals and put her health at risk to come see me. Lisa who brought me a Dr. Pepper, though I didn't drink it.  My husband Steve....words can't express how much his presence brought me peace. 
  • Grateful for life. 
So this card in no way can show someone how I feel. But knowing that, cards of gratitude and thanks may be the most important cards we can make and send. They not only express your appreciation. They give you, the creator, a method to understand a  deeper feeling of thanks. 

I'm Dreamin' that you will show your Gratitude with a card...You keep Dreamin' too!

Pammie Kay
Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

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