Monday, March 27, 2023

New Catalog Launch

 This is such a great time for Stampin' Up!  35 Years as a Woman Owned and operated business is impressive enough!  Then let's add a New Annual Catalog, New In-Colors AND a color refresh! It is almost too much! With so much new happening, I really want to share it with ALL of you!

    I have never thrown a Catalog Launch party in person,  so this will be my first! I am offering, with my teammate Patty, two options.  I will do an in person one at my home and also a virtual one. So here is the information for the in person....

You will notice that everything is in black & white.  It is because I am uncertain what the new colors will be.  Demonstrators have gotten a hint on one or two returning colors. Old favorites! You will love them. I will reveal them as soon as we know. Or we are allowed to tell. Demonstrators also get to view the new Annual Catalog on Wednesday. Don't you wish you were a demo so you could get sneak peeks? And get to order a month early? I can get you started and would love to have you on my growing team! 

  So the virtual starts now with a couple of contests over on the Facebook page. So check it out...they have time limits.  And I will have a prize, A package of the New In-Color Bling ($7 or $8 value) will be the prize for the closest answers!  And there will be more prizes and games on Monday May 8, in the event page!  <<<Click here.

   Be sure to join me as we start another exciting journey into stamping! You'll be glad you did!

I'm Dreamin' of a great catalog launch...You keep Dreamin' too.

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