Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend Getaway

I wish I could relive this weekend! I had some of the girls from the store to the house for a retreat. We did the usual scrapbook, crop, laugh, crop. You'll notice that sleep didn't make the list! This weekend was a "Thank You" to these ladies (and Erick) for all the support they give me. Sally finished 17 pages, Adeline 14 (she had to work from 8-3, but she finished all the pictures she had planned to!), Patty finished 9 (she was gone all day Saturday to a previously scheduled family event), Krista got about 8 or 9 pages, and I got 12 of my mini pages done.
We had time to talk about the CKC Convention in Tulsa in August. We are getting a hotel room and making a weekend of it!
Speaking of the convention...this month's challenge has been decided. You have 2 choices this month:
  1. "Defining Moment" this is the page title for the CKC contest. If we have it finished by July, there will be no excuse not to enter.
  2. Or do a simple layout for the Simple Scrapbook contest. From the way I read it, there isn't a theme...just your best simple layout.

So come on girls, get with it. Remember, all who take up the challenge and have them to the store by June 25th get a $2 off coupon & a chance at this month's drawing. I'm giving away a page kit using the Shore Thing paper. I can't wait to learn more about Your Defining Moment.


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