Friday, January 30, 2009

A Place to Lay my Head

Well, we've done! After looking at almost 20 homes or condos...we put in an application for one!!! Yea! It is nice, newer (1997) and spacious. It's going to be about a 30 minute drive for Steve to work. It backs up to a local golf course...not too far from groceries, etc. I'm excited! Girls, it has a 3/4 basement for cropping!! Here's the pics that we have...

The Kitchen..the blue stripe has been replaced with all white. There is a nice ledge over the island and the family room (right) is actually in the same room. (From this pic, the island is just to the left of the pics, behind the squatty chairs.

It has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. The master bedroom, below, is flooded with light! It will help keep the winter depression down, I hope. It is massive, so as you can tell, we will have a nice sitting area in there also. The master bath has no door! It is open to the bedroom. A double sink, large shower, and a separate toilet is really going to spoil me. And the closet!!!OMG!!! It is almost 8 x 8!! If we were younger...a person could almost turn it into a nursery!
In the laundry room, there is a space large enough for Buddy's crate and a laundry folding table. I can't wait for you all to come visit, so I can show it off.

Now, if we could just figure out how to take all our family and would be the perfect house. Our agent was the best and showed us some wonderful houses. Now to get everything up here and settled in.. I might get to do some scrapbooking, June at least.
Gotta go, Our plane leaves around 3 and we want to see if we can find the house on our own..without the agent's help!
If you haven't been reading the blogs about all the new products...get with it and
Keep Dreamin

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