Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Wow! It's cold here. We arrived on Saturday afternoon to the swankiest hotel (Hotel Arista) I've ever been in. I can lay in my marble soaking tub and watch tv on the mirror! Yes, you read that right. The tv is built into the mirror. I have my own personal robe, they turn back the beds, set up a tray of water, turn the radio on a soft channel and the lights down low. That is the way we are greeted in our room after returning from dinner! Nice.

House hunting is a lot of fun. We saw houses, condos, and townhouses with our agent on Sunday. Yesterday I went out on my own to view apartments. I took a wrong turn and ended up in a bad part of Aurora. It was a little unnerving. But I had my map and got through it. Today I'm going out with Julie again, to look at more. We found a few that really interested us, but the search continues.

Hey!! Have you been to any of the scrapbook sites to see the new things that are being released at CHA this week? Wow SEI has some great lines...they are fresh and cheery. A good thing on this dreary day. To check them out on their website, click here.

And of course, the Basic Grey line is always a hit. The new one on their website called Porcelain is soft with the browns, Line Rickey is bright and summery (my fav colors all in one kit!) and the Marrakech line is mandarins, blues, and even some teal in it. Check out these products...let me know what you think.

So, go hunting...find some items you want to have your hands on. I'll see if I can't arrange it..I have ways of doing these things.

I have to tell you about the scrapbook space one of the houses has....it is just for me! Two of the walls are painted mod orange. (I'd say physodelic, but I don't know how to spell it!) It's a small room, 9x9, but it has a great window in it. I can see me all set up in it, making kits for you guys. Can't wait to get my new venture started.

I've started a forum page, so we can start talking back and forth to each other. I will link it to my website, so you can shop, learn techniques, gab about latest products, win free stuff...you know kinda like on We Scrap or Scrapbook.com. the URL for it is http://grou.ps/dreamersklub. So far there are only 2 of us on it...but I have make it public so anyone can join. Be sure to read the profile infor carefully, so your email address is not made public to everyone. I'll administer those as people sign up, and send you a blast if you forget to check it. Just trying to keep the spammers out.
I had a group on yahoo and somehow spammers got it (there is not much security on yahoo, and that is part of it). So I've worked hard and read all the fine print with this company. It should be safe...but on the web nothing is. You don't have to worry about me selling your addresses...I wouldn't know the first thing about it! I work with scissors and glue...this techy stuff is over my head.

Well, gonna run. I want to check out more new products...going to Fancy Pants, BoBunny, Making Memories...the list is endless. Let you know if I find some goodies. In the meantime...

Keep Dreamin


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