Friday, January 16, 2009

survived the cold night

What? It's still Cold!! I want the "cold one day and hot the next" weather cycle back. It seemed worse at our house last night, because the upstairs heater didn't kick on. We've been having some problems...put in a new it an installer (hubby) problem...or is it the starter? Anyway, it got down to 56 in our room last night..great for sleeping, not great for getting up!
I didn't scrap any yesterday. I'm still digging through and sorting out my things. And busy with all the shoppers coming in for the 1/2 price clearance items. But I have found some really great paper that I forgot I I'm cropping tonight! The Dreamers and I are going to have Taco Soup at the store, instead of going out to eat. There is only 2 crop nights left before I close my ownership of the store. Please call and join us. I heard a rumor that there will be a drawing for those who come to the stuff..give me more!!!
I had two more ladies sign up for the retreat....and 1 more on the fence trying to make a decision. I know there are others who have decided that they will hold their own retreats (since they used to be friends, I wish they would at least have waited till I was gone before they started taking my business from me), but I can guarantee you that you will be pampered to the fullest at mine. I've ordered brand new products to give as goodie bags (not leftovers or dollar tree junk) that add up to over $20 in retail. So, if you have some time come join us. Thank you to my real friends and customers.

Keep Dreamin


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