Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Which Way Did I Go?

I tell you girls, I've been so busy, I'm not real sure where I am right now! If you find me, take me home, Please! The store is coming home with me as we speak. I had no clue that I had so much personal items there. Steve is freaking out a little bit..but I'll find a place for all of it. we leave for Chicago Saturday to hunt for a place to live. I'll be gone all week...Sally will be running the store. I hope she stays busy with last minute shoppers. Be sure to visit her.

Hey, have you seen the new buckets that Queen & Company are now using? They are bright and filled with goodies! A must have for your shelves in the crop room. Check them out on their blog, They are giving away 7 of the new pails to random people who add a comment to their space. Go NOW...come back and read the rest after you've entered.

Welcome back. Not much else to say, today. Registration is officially closed for the retreat...There are 11 of us going..which is a great sized group. For their goodie bags I got..wait! they may be reading this. Anyway, the gifts are over the top...brand new items...WOW!!! I can't wait...I need a break from the frenzy here.

Only 2 more crops at the store...I'd love to have everyone come. But I can only seat 8. So call in and save your spot. 4 are already reserved.

Well, gotta run...more packing and more sales to finish.

Keep Dreamin

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