Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well, girls...this is the last blog for a little while. The packers come tomorrow, Wednesday, and pack it all up. I dare say I am almost ready for them. There is so much left to do. (since we're not selling our house, we can always pick it up on one of our visits) Then on Thursday, the movers come, load it all on their big truck, and haul it torwards Bolingbrook. I can't believe it is time.
I'm not going to be sad in my journal today. Because my true friends here in Oklahoma have already gotten plans in place for an August visit. (My family also) And my online friends and I will just be separated until I get a bit of packing undone....then we'll be in contact again. I can't tell you how many great scrapbooking friends I've made with my blog....from all over the US and abroad.
Isn't technology great??!!!
So I'll say farewell for now, and when I get back on, you'll be excited to learn of my plans for kits of the month, sharing techniques, challenges for prizes!! If I can't be there to challenge you in person, then someone has to do it on the road!
Speaking of challenges, I get daily challenges from FeedBlitz. The one I'm reading (But not participating in cause all my scrap stuff is boxed up!) is 365 cards! A new card challenge EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!!! She gives prizes for playing AND you get to see some great cards. You need to check it out if you aren't already receiving it.
I love you gals and until I get back with you...
Keep Dreamin

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