Saturday, July 18, 2009

Buddy's first Party Invitation

Ok, girls. This is just too cute and I had to share it! My neighbors have 3 dogs..Zeus, Zorro, & Mia. In our mailbox today, this is what we received..not Steve & I, but Buddy got mail! It is a cute origami puppy, complete with tags that say "Buddy".
The paper rolled up in his mouth was the invitation to Zorro's Birthday party! And now the dilema, what do you get the dog that has everything? A tie? Cologne? Gift card to PetCo? Buddy & I are going today to pick out something special. I mainly wanted to post this so you could see other fun things to do with your paper crafting. Hope you gals get to crop some this weekend. Don't forget to check the Forums for the 100 Scrapbooking inspirations. Starts Monday. Get inspired and get showing your projects.

Keep Dreamin

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