Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Monday

I don't have any scrapbooking to talk about today! I spent my weekend preparing for VBS at my friend Amy's church, Steve & I went to a local town festival Saturday late afternoon, church on Sunday, the neighbor dog's birthday (it was sooooo cute) and then the kickoff of VBS!
I will elaborate a bit more on Zorro's birthday. Tori had balloons and ribbons with paw prints on it decorating the deck. She went on-line and found a "doggy cake", made with honey, carrots & peanut butter. Buddy scarfed it up! And instead of ice cream, they had frozen doggie yogurt. Again, it was a hit with my Buddy. Seems afterall, that he likes junk food!!
They have a little tiny, tiny Yorkie, Mia, who was dressed up in a cheer outfit! When she walked the little skirt was too cute. It was a great party with a total of 6 dogs..lots of sniffing and ear licking, but no fights. It's unusual to go to a birthday party without one of the kids fighting...or crying. Thanks for such a fun time.
I'm going to start creating something with my new July MemoryWorks kit this afternoon, so I'll be sure to post some pics. And my stamping up! order should be in by Wednesday. So much to get excited about.
Don't forget to hop over to DreamTalkin.ning to see the 100 Scrapbook inspirations that I've posted. I'll be giving you 10 a week for 10 weeks. They will have challenges attatched with them, so get busy. I'll pick a random name on Sunday for each challenge I pick...and someone will recieve a little prize. Be sure to sign in and post them on your page. See you at DreamTalkin

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