Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Creative Diva

Hello Dreamers,   I decided I probably should come back to see you again.  It has been quite a while..a whole month.  I want to tell you about an on-line forum that I not only belong to....but I have been chosen to be on the DESIGN TEAM!!  It is called Creative Scrapbooking Divas, and I have been a member there since it first formed, about a year now.  Luisa started it, as we branched off from another forum.  I don't like being in a forum where they always try to sell you something, and let me tell you it is not allowed there.  And other than respecting each other....there are no rules.
    What do you do in an online forum?  Glad you asked!  We have challenges, games, chats..you can make your own home page and load your layouts or albums or cards into your gallery.  There are about 10 different groups in the "room" that you can join.  Oh, I have won some sweet prizes from there also...and just for scrapbooking!  I tried to start one just for us dreamers, but it didn't fly.  Patty was the only one to go in on a regular basis...and now Ning charges to have a room.  So, it is gone.
   Everyone is welcome to come check us out..play with us, challenge with us, learn new techniques, show off your projects and have your peers "ooh" and "aww" over them.
   I have a project started, so will try to post it tomorrow.  Until then...keep dreamin'

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