Thursday, August 05, 2010

I got to scrap with DEBBIE SCHUH!

OK, so many of you know how often I follow the blogs and web pages of the scrapbooking geniuses....for a few hours every day (before you gasp remember I only have 3 friends in Chicago-land and need to fill some time..).  So Debbie is one I follow ( some would call it stalking, I prefer the term "lurking" behind my keyboard! )  When I discovered that the ladies at Creative Cuts & Crafts  in Villa Park were bringing her in for THREE classes! you can just imagine my excitement.  (I also took a Suzy West class, but forgot to take my camera..duh! click on the link and see how fun her things are..she was a hoot.more in another blog)

We used the 7 Gypsies products, album covers, tags, papers, paper was all so yummy!  The pics aren't the best (sorry I didn't clean the table, my friend Lisa and I played Phase 10 & the cards didn't get put away..I don't have time to clean)  but you can see better ones at the store link.  I loved her total disregard to anything you thought you knew about scrapbooking!  We cut apart page protectors to make flaps on either side of a double-sided just flowed out!  And we cut protectors at a slit to make workable pockets..glued right on the outside of the protector. 

Butterflies (Jenni Bowlin)
Both sides of protector slit to make a tri-fold
I didn't want to add any more of her pages, cause she is still out there teaching this class. We also made a tag book that will hang on the other side, filled butterflies, ribbon, flowers....just adorable.  If she comes to a store near you, go take a class.
 She is a great teacher  and  a lover of Eugene....

Girls, hope your dreams start coming true......

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