Monday, October 18, 2010

Such a Bad Blogger

So why have I not posted in so long? I seem to do a good job for awhile, and then just disappear. August was full....although I have nothing to prove that. I walked the dog, sat in the sun, hmmm that's about it! Wait! No, I made an album. OK, almost made one! In the 70's I worked at Lutherhoma, a camp in NE Oklahoma. I had all those photos in an OLD album, and took them out (what few were still stuck) and started a proper album for them. Here are a few pages...
This is the 2nd page of a 2 page layout (I always do 2 page LO, I feel it makes my albums read like a book would...not fragmented) about Emerge-N-See, a Friday night staff talent show.  Friends of mine made a parody of the song "Why Me Lord" by Kenny Rogers to whine about how tired w were from all our camphand duties.  I had the original hand written (by my friend D'Anne) in my Bible..yes 37 years later!  It was too large for the page (and not acid free) so I scanned and shrunk it on acid free white paper.  Fussy cutting makes it look like the original. 

   My next layout is more of an example of what to do when there are no real pictures!  This story was so fun and worth retelling that I tried to make the journaling the main focus.  I know many don't agree but I feel that the story is what I am trying to capture most from this layout. And I have only cruddy 110 camera pictures!  I had a sheet of different sizes and shapes of arrows. 
The one I wanted was used already (don't remember where..hmm) but the negative of it was still on the page. I merely traced it onto the back of some patterned paper that fit with pg 1. Don't forget when to tracing to always trace on back of your paper. That way your pencil marks won't show. And remember to reverse your stencil.

Hope you enjoyed my scrap ramblings today.  I enjoy doing this (journaling thing) and still am not sure why I don't do it more often!?!   I love comments, so let me know what you thought. 
 Until next time...keep Dreamin'.

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