Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I WON!!!

I love to read blogs.  If I read less I would have time to do my own!!  Any way, that's enough guilt for one day!  I have some new friends at a forum site called Paper Secrets.  They hosted a Haunted Blog hop this weekend.  WHAT!! YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO A BLOG HOP!!!  GET OUT! 
   Ok, here's what it is, for you blogging newbies.  The host sets up a list of different blogs who want to participate, complete with links and URLs.  Then you have a limited time (a weekend to a week usually) to visit each blog.  The blog owners following the theme, create projects, do a tutorial, create layouts or cards (they don't do all those, just their choice.  I don't want you to be expecting too much!).  Sometimes they offer you a challenge or a prize for signing up to follow their blog.  Leave a comment on all the blogs and then report back to the forum to tell them you visited them all!  Clear as mud?  Good.
   There were a total of 30 blogs and none were disappointing.   I got some really cute ideas to spook my neighbors and found some new places to go for challenges.  And even better...I WON A PRIZE (Blog Candy!)!  You read right.  And it is a nice prize from a very creative lady named Nancy.  Her blog is Dare to be Unique and she is.  Click on this link and go see her stuff.  Go on, I'll wait for you to come back  Welcome back.  Wasn't her Wonderland Box marvelous?!  If you read past her post, she got to go on the scrapbook cruise ship with Tim Holtz!!  SOOOO jealous.  Can't wait to read about her trip.
   Here's what I won . . . a Cosmo Cricket Haunted Paper Pack.  Isn't that scary?  No of course it isn't!  I have some little grand spooks that I will need to scrap. Thanks Nancy!

     I have a new's a cuts out paper, connects to my computer...oh, you'll just have to come back tomorrow!  Until then, I'll be playing with my toy and dreaming of the great things I can make.  Hope you keep dreamin' too.

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