Friday, October 22, 2010


Am I the only one that has an annoyingly long week?!  I know Patty has, with her sinus infection...always fun!  Well, let me tell, it's not about scrap booking...ok,  a short version!  I am DEADLY allergic to strawberries..Tuesday evening, I starting breaking out in hives..normal berry reaction.  Seems that at church Tuesday there was this conference, and they served Strawberry Lemonade.  When at singing practice at church, I touched the counter top in the cafe, where the drink had, I guess, spilled!  Touched the counter only, it wasn't sticky. they had cleaned it, didn't grab a deadly berry, just residue on the counter!  So Thursday I went to doctor for an EpiPen.  And to have them look at my hand, which is still sore from jamming it while trying to catch an elevator at Kansas City CKC!  Three weeks was long enough to be in pain.  Nothing broken (YEAH) but she is sending me to an orthopedic Dr to examine it.  Xray did show minor arthritis , so it that is a good thing to know for further reference.  So wearing this splint on my right hand may goof up some of mt crafting, but I'll find a way around it.
    So, between Dr's appointments and calls, pain in my right thumb, hand & wrist,  and sleeping WAY too much cause Benadryl knocks me totally out, I haven't down much crafting.  But I have a friend Luisa over at Creative Scrapbook Divas who it heading up a group about organizing your crop space.  (You should go here and see it all)  She posted about making kits to take to crop night.  It is almost exactly what I do, but since my wrist hurts, I am cutting and pasting it below. 
YOU WANT TO BE PRODUCTIVE AT CROPS AND AT HOME RIGHT? PLANNING IS THE KEY!!!     I have been practicing this for my last 3 years and it works (for me): PAGE KITS!
A Page Kit is an Envelope, Ziploc Bag, Planner Folder that contains the majority of stuff you need to create a layout.
Here are the steps to create your own page kits:
1) Gather your photos and sort them according to how you want to scrapbook them (1 or 2 pages layout).
2) Take a look at your stash of card stock and pick the color that match your photos.
3) Select pattern paper or theme paper you want to use with these layouts.
4) Add ribbon, buttons, paper clips, tags, stickers, die cuts, memorabilia and other embellishments you know you want to use with these pictures.
5) Store everything in a Page Planner Folder, Ziploc bag (or accordion file assigning one layout per slot). You can also use the Power Sort Box from CM or the CTMH My Legacy Pages-in-Progress Album.
 (Note from Pam:  I have a shoulder bag that I take to crops and I automatically put 2 or 3 into it, so I am packed and good to go on Friday night)
6) If you have a layout idea for these  pictures, for example a layout you saw in a magazine bring the magazine or tear the page and store it in  your page kit or if you design your layouts on your own, do a basic sketch in a piece of white paper or in your sketches notebook.

When packing for your crop, pack your tools, page kits and any stamps, ink pads, acrylic paints, stickles, you want to use for these specific layouts. You don’t need to take all your stamps if you are only going to do BD and Bridal pages! Take your BD and Bridal stamps and the inks that match your page kits… future layouts!!!

Don’t worry to pack everything If you don’t finish your layout because you didn’t bring the “whole kitchen Sink” to the crop, you can finish the details at home!!! Yes, this is an option! lol

With this pre-planning I have been able to do from 8 to 10, 2 page layouts in a 10-12 hours crop (discount the eating, chatting and going to the SB store time)

This works for me, hope you find these tips useful. Almost forgot.

Because whenever you have 30 minutes and want to create something you just need to grab a Page Kit from your stash of Page Kits and start creating. Isn’t this fun and easy?

Hope you enjoyed this.  I am going to try to do some scrapping tonight, if I can figure out how to it with this splint!  Well my dream for the weekend is to feel better and maybe scrap.  Hope you have a big dream for your weekend.

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