Friday, July 10, 2020

Fixing a problem!

Happy Friday night. It is getting late here in Oklahoma. Today was a blessing of cooling rains. Not enough to stop our drought, but cooled our air. Weather guys says the next few days show the prospect of scattered showers and cooler temps. Oh, not from Oklahoma? July cool here is 90. Next week offers us 5 or 6 days straight of 102 -104 days. With the humidity we are expected to feel like 114-117!  Joy! Think I will start some Christmas cards!                                                                                              So remember how exciting it is to stamp an image, grab some Stampin' Blends and color away? On a Very Vanilla card front?  
And remember that sinking sensation when you opened the card to decorate the inside? Only to find....THIS !!!

What in the world was I thinking? I was thinking of how cute this would be. Of how excited I was to see my 2 young nieces & nephew early in the morning. Getting my Praise on with The message on Sirius. Wishing I had a Cherry Limeade! Not thinking of the alcohol blends bleeding through!

    Luckily, being cool, limeade and sleep deprived makes me creative!  It comes from years of scrap-booking until 2 or 3 with Patty, Crystal, Sally & Adeline. So my solution? Cut a piece of card stock to match my card. Grabbed the stamp set that goes with the Jar of Flowers stamp set and my Versamark stamp pad! And stamp the sunflower bouquet randomly on it. 

After glue it onto the back side, covering up my card and saved my hard work! I can't wait till Sunday to show you this card. But the lighting isn't right, and I have a long day of helping my brother-in-law and his wife move into their forever home! It will be a day of lots of emotion, as it was their first married home and the only home their adopted 3 year old daughter has ever known. Their 1 year old twins will have all their memories there. 
Thanks for hanging with my rambling and I hope you got a little inspiration or help for you next mistake!

I am Dreamin' of a week inside with my new Christmas keep Dreamin' too.

Pammie Kay
Dreamers KlubHouse Retreats

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  1. Love the fix! Wish we were all still scrapping until 2 or 3 am on Friday nights! Now you are stuck with me until about 9 pm on your Zoom.

    Love making the Mystery Cards with you! Hope more people start joining us, we don't have to stay until 9 pm, but we usually start talking and creating other things and get caught up in the moment!

    If you would like to join us on Friday nights, please email Pam and she can send you all the information!

    Until we can meet again, see you on Zoom!


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