Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm So Proud

Okay, again, not about scrapping...but, we have a "newish" dog. Older golden lab puppy, actually. His name is Buddy and he is stealing my heart. We are taking him to Chicago with us, so he has to learn some house manners...which means he has to stay in the house.

I bought a crate for him. It is as big as a toddler's bed! At first, I had to physically drag him into it. (He weighs 63 pounds) Then we worked on saying, "Buddy go to your room". And he is so stinking smart, that he went. A little snack for obeying. Then we had to the room...out of the, snack,...out praise! Last night, I had to impress Steve with how intellegent our youngest child is. He didn't think it would be so successful, after only one morning of work. Wrong! The dog AND his wife have some skills!

But now the proud moment. He slept in the crate last night. We heard just a tiny bit of whiney at the beginning of the night. Then he settled into a long winters night sleep. This morning his crate was dry and clean!! I couldn't believe it! I think he is the smartest kid we have! (glad my children don't read my blog!! I'd be in trouble.)

I'm So Proud!!
Well, it's back to the store for more cleaning and sorting. Our agent sent us some home specs to look at for Chicago. For the amount we want to spend, there were some extremely nice homes. It will be fun shopping next week...big shopping. House shopping. We fell in love with one in Wheaton, an older home built in 1954. It has been totally renovated, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a loft with a spiral staircase leading to it! It has lots of appeal and charm. (But unlike an apartment, no pool or exercise room. I was looking forward to that) We'll see how it turns out in real life on Sunday.
I'll send pictures to update you.
Keep Dreamin

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